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24 April 2010 @ 10:12 am
Shag, Marry or Kill?  
series: Digimon
my love: Yamato and Mimi
rated: T
status: 1 of 3
notes: Yamato's playing the field, isn't he?

Shag: Jun

The last thing Yamato expected to see when he opened his eyes was the big-haired older woman he had so easily seduced the night before. He knew about her obsession with him and his band since they started – how she would sit front and center in all of their shows, how she would get into a fight with the other girls who wanted their autographs, and how she would harass her brother to amass as much information he could about their personal lives. With a hint of disgust attached to the memory, he recalled a time when she even tricked him into going on a date with her – which he did, all because he was charitable enough to want to help out a friend.

Such deluded charity, he thought, was the reason he found himself in between her sheets, lying next to her naked form.

He wanted to laugh at how stupid and pointless the morning was. In fact, the night before, too, was equally without sense. He did not proposition her because he thought she would be a particularly good shag, but because he believed it was him who always made sex worth it. So although he was not drawn to obsessive stalker types, and she was, according to her, no longer into him, things came to be as they did.

But as soon as Yamato spotted a framed poster of him hanging loosely on the cabinet door, he was already out of her bedroom before he can even say Motomiya.