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24 April 2010 @ 10:05 am
Theory 101  
series: Digimon
my love: Yamato and Mimi
rated: T
status: collection, 6 and 7
notes: Heartbreaks and heartaches

Theory No. 6: Stand-in


Friendship was something neither the two of them found the need to work on. They never referred to each other as friends, or acted like ones in public. They were good friends by default: They hung out with the same crowd, belonged to the same status in school hierarchy, and shared the same out of this world experience with but a chosen few.

It was over the Christmas holidays that she realized she liked him more than she should, but even then, she did not bother making an effort at growing closer. Sora was the only other person who knew about how she felt, or at least, what it was she vehemently denied.

Sora was her best friend, and although she could not lie to her to save her life, she was not going to admit it bluntly either. After all, Sora was not only her best friend. She was also the ex-girlfriend – his ex-girlfriend.


Theory No. 7: Missed Signs


Panting heavily, she shut her eyes in an attempt to normalize her breathing. Her cheeks were flushed, her body sticky with heat and sweat. Yamato stayed still as she rolled onto her side. "Yamato," she breathed. "Say something."

When she did not hear him answer, her jaw tightened. Was he upset with her?

He couldn't be. After all, it was he who was gone for two weeks to meet with record producers. If anyone had the right to be upset, it was her.

Was he unsatisfied with her last night?

He wouldn't dare. He was away for two weeks! If anything, it was his fault she needed some brushing up on her technique – not that she did.


She snapped out of her thoughts. Hearing him say her name always gets her stomach feeling funny. "Yama–"

He rolled over on top of her, and surprised her by placing butterfly kisses on her face. "I missed you."

--- A week into Yamato and Sora's relationship, she felt bad for Sora – for being his fail safe plan for a stable albeit humdrum relationship.