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24 April 2010 @ 09:56 am
Nothing If Not  
series: Yu Yu Hakusho
my love: Kurama and Botan
rated: K+
status: collection, 13
notes: This is a collection of lighthearted materials on Kurama and Botan, my childhood love.

Nothing if not… conceding


"Say it, Kurama."

With the view of a thunderstorm from the window as her background, Botan stood tall in the middle of Kurama's bedroom. "Just say it. You know you want to."

Kurama gave her a half smile as he shrugged his shoulders. It was funny how drastically their plans had to change for the day, from eating ice cream in the park that afternoon, to running back to his house completely soaked by the heavy rains. "Have you tried calling Keiko today?"

She clicked her tongue in disapproval. "Don't even try to change the subject, Kurama. It's not going to work."

When he didn't say anything, she huffed. Kurama watched her as she put her hands on her hips in a display of a playful fit. With her soaked sundress in the laundry room downstairs, he let her borrow one of his button down shirts from his closet. Although his clothes were much larger on her, she looked absolutely feminine with her tiny frame encased in his shirt, with her sleeves rolled up midway to her elbows.

She just had to choose the red one, because she knew it was his favorite. "You look very feminine, Botan."

She raised a brow and replied, "thank you?"

"It was a compliment."

"Really? Or was that your way of telling me I don't look like a girl in my own clothes?"

He let out a small laugh. "Of course not. It was my way of trying to end this part of the conversation."

"It's not going to end unless you say it, Kurama." Tugging on the hem of the shirt, she tried to look disinterested. "Just say I look better in your clothes so you can lose already."